As we head into 2017, Thornhill Multisport has revamped its programs to help meet the needs of the local community. Over the years, THOR has been best known as the place for adult swimmers to be involved in an organised swim program whether for fitness or competition. Over the years the club has developed into one of the top Masters Swim Clubs in Ontario, and also runs an adult lesson program gearing participants towards either Masters Swimming, or endurance swimming for Open Water or Triathlon. Now, in keeping with its expertise in swimming and to complete the cycle, THOR is proud to introduce the Thornhill EnduroSwim Program.

Thornhill EnduroSwim, runs 12 months a year, and focuses on preparing its members to compete in open water swimming and triathlon events building a swimmers endurance level to give them the fitness required for extreme distances while swimming. For those participating in Triathlon, the goal is to finish the swim strong, while having the fitness to excel in both the bike and run segments of the race.

During the winter months, the program is be pool based giving swimmers the tools required to compete in open water related races with skill and confidence that is often lacking due to lack or preparation. As the weather and lakes get warmer in the spring, Open water training becomes a part of the program, combined with a bike and a run session during the clubs Saturday AM workouts.

The focus of the program is geared on building the swimmers endurance, while working on stroke development and skills specifically require when swimming in open water.

With the growth in the popularity of open water swimming this program is one whose time has come. So whether you are looking towards Open water swimming specifically, or for your triathlon or SwimRun events, this is the program for you! For more information go to

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