That is what it is all about. Being fit and staying fit as we get older as
a way to stay healthy.

Sports for life is a growing concept, and is becoming the norm that many
sports are going on. At the recent Marathon held in Toronto 85 year old Ed
Whitlock broke the world record for his age group going under 4 hours…

As our club matures, we are not only getting many new younger members
joining, but we are also filling out age groups that we have never filled
out before. This is a great thing, as THOR is truly open to all.

Swimming is a great sport for life, as there is minimal stress on your
body, and it helps to keep you in great shape. At THOR, we happen to be
extremely good at it with our various programs, and with members that
range from beginners to those who have swam at very high levels….. SWIM

Spread the word. To all who have not been so active, the new year is not
so far away. Make an early resolution to get in shape, and either come out
for the first time, or come back. .. you will be glad you did.

SWIM FOR LIFE…. No matter what your age or ability…..

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