Endurance swimming for Open Water Swimmers and Triathletes and SwimRun participants.


Calling all Open Water Swimmers,Triathletes and SwimRun participants! Come and swim with us to get ready for the outdoor season. Our program has 2 parts, The indoor season during which swimmers has access to 3 pool workouts per week where we focus on endurance swimming and drills required for Open water swimming. During the summer season, we offer a combination of 2 pool workouts and 1 Open Water workout per week. Members get top notch training to better compete in Open Water Swimming, Triathlons and SwimRun Challenges throughout the summer.

Please note that due to the current pandemic we will not be offering the enduroswim program for the 2020/21 swim season. Anyone interested in swimming with THOR is invited to register for the Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club program. It is our hope to be able to run the Enduroswim Program once again starting in the summer of 2020